Best Tech Deals

Best Tech Deals in May 2022

Let me save you the trouble of having to search through endless pages of products on Amazon. I will handpick the Best Tech Deals in the Electronics & Computers department and present them here for you!

Irrationally fast, impossibly real!


Works seamlessly with the PS5. Biggest pain with the install is getting the PS5's cover off. After that, it's taking out one screw, sliding this SSD in, and then putting the screw in the SSD's notch to hold it in place. Done. It is a little finicky; I had to use a bit of force to get it into the slot. One thing I did notice is it sped up loading times; this drive has to be faster than the internal storage, my Elden Ring load times are noticeably quicker, and the game has less pop in to boot.


This is the third ssd I purchased for my ps5 and out of the 3 I tried these are speeds I got.... 1tb Samsung 980 pro appr. 5,600, sabrent rocket 4 plus 2tb 5,500 and we black 2tb 6,500 so obviously clear winner is wd black. Also all these install was with no firmware update. So first 2 would probably be higher if updated but if u are unable to like me I would definitely give wd black a go


Installed easily, just remove the cover, unscrew the memory cover, adjust the riser, plug in, and reverse (screw down and put back cover). PS5 detected it and formatted. My USB WD-Black external drive needed stoped working at some point shortly thereafter, so not sure if it was related but a PS5 DB rebuild resolved it. Great product overall!

Willy Rent

I got the SN850 1TB with heatsink after seeing some reviews on YouTube and I gotta say it's one of the best upgrades for the PS5 that you'll definitely won't regret. Not only does it increase your memory but the transfer speeds are ridiculously fast. I'm already debating on upgrading to the 2 or 4 TB. Lastly, the installation process was quick and easy. It took about 5 minutes total to install so many installation instruction videos on YouTube.

I literally only received a box with a warranty pamphlet. No ssd was inside.

Brian S.

When that tax return hits, you know we on a shopping spree! I purchased this for my ps5 due to the fact that I hate uninstalling games to make space to install a new or old game or for the simple fact of big file updates. Shipping was pretty quick. Install was a breeze, now to put it to the test!


This was recommended to me by a GameStop employee for PS5 storage extension. It’s awesome and worth every penny. It comes with a built-in heat sink, and it takes literally five minutes to install (no special tools required). Most importantly, you can install/store/play both PS4 and PS5 games on this drive, so go nuts!


I was really hoping a genuine PlayStation internal SSD would come from Sony, but I did my research and glad I settled on this WD Black SSD. The system stays cool and the games continue to show zero lag. Always get these with the heat sink included and heads up about the screw that’s meant to hold your SSD during installation. Sony made that little screw a aggravating to remove and replace. But other than that, the SSD installed perfectly fine and formatting it was simple.Thanks for another great product WD!


This drive failed after 9 months. It took Western Digital over a month to replace it. The replacement lasted 3 months. It was returned for replacement 3 weeks ago. The WD website show the status as "pending return". A spokesperson from WD looked at the UPS tracking information and agreed that they did in fact receive it. The computer case this was installed in is a full tower with 4 fans blowing cool air into and toward the drive. It is not an overheating issue. The motherboard is new along with the power supply. When it works the drive is extremely fast! Too bad they don't last. Done with WD.


So I had initial purchased the 1 TB version for my PS5 because it was a great price and didn't want to spend a lot of money on the 2 TB if this didn't work as I had hoped. The 1 TB exceeded my expectations and more. I came back and purchased the 2 TB since I was able to pick up quite a few PS5 games during the recent spring sale. The installation was a breeze. I actually had more of a problem taking the PS5 cover off than the actual installation itself. I know a lot of people have posted a link for a $15 heatsink elsewhere, but I just went ahead and "upgraded" this hard drive to come with a heatsink.

Pretty worried about this. I thought I was buying the HD through Amazon, but the customer rep told me it was through a 3rd party. I am sure if I get the actual drive as the replacement it will be awesome. But, this won't work well in the PS5.

So I've looked at reviews on YouTube and compared SSDs like the Samsung 980 Pro and Seagate Firecuda from their performance and heating, and the Firecuda wins it overall, BUT fails on the pricing. Plus the speed on these drivers are VERY minimal, and even though the WD Black supposedly can get a bit warmer, it ain't anything for you to even worry about at all. Why would I want to spend on a Seagate Firecuda 2TB M.2 SSD for $360 when I can save $60 or more on the WD BLACK 2TB M.2 SSD? It is still really fast regardless, and people never really had any issues with the WD Black as it has been out longer. It is also the 1st SSD that Sony recommended people to get for the PS5. Western Digital also offers a 5 year warranty on the SSD, just like the others.I highly recommend the SSD as it works perfectly on the PS5, and it is super easy to install. $299 or less for a great 2TB M.2 SSD with Heatsink? WD Black wins it for me.

I have owned at least 6 WD Black drives and none have failed me or disappointed me. My computer runs great on this WD Black 850 ssd. It is faster than the Sabrent junk I replaced it with. The errors went away and so did the malfunctioning apps.I had to reinstall my windows 4 times in the last 6 months because the Sabrent drive went bad. First the apps do not start or turn themselves off. The games start malfunctioning and become slow to respond. The files get corrupt and cannot be fixed using cmd prompt and restart.The Sabrent customer service is not there to help you, they just troll you. They make you do a long list of things to prove something they do not want proven just to wear you down. You have to reinstall your windows over again for the fifth time in a year and use unknown apps to do tests which are meant just to keep you busy so you will give up and just throw it away instead of trying to get an RMA. They are rude and pushy too. They gave me a two days deadline to use an unknown app to test the ssd while I was busy from doing another windows reinstall that did nothing. The millions of bad files could not be fixed. Still no RMA.There are literally dozens of complaints about all of this from Sabrent support on the other reviews. The drive goes bad in 6 to 8 months and all Sabrent customer support does is give you and endless wild goose chase of tasks just to wear you down and cheat you out of an honest RMA.I bought a WD Black 850 and moved on. All the problems went away when the Sabrent ssd went away. BUY THE WD BLACK 850 instead and save yourself endless headaches. My computer has never run better now with the WD Black 850 and is much faster too.

Returned unopened to exchange for the WD Blue SN570 after learning that performance increase is virtually unnoticeable over 3500 Mbps, which the Blue SN570 does with ease. YouTube reviewers also claim that these faster drives run hotter and have been known to reach 90 to 100, probably not something you want close to your mainboard.

Nathan B

So reading the Playstation docs, I realized I needed the heatsink (since there's no cooling mechanism for the expandable storage). I returned the non-heatsink version of this drive and ordered the one with a heatsink. The install went extremely smoothly. When you boot up the playstation, it will auto-format the drive as an extended drive in the system. So there's no re-installing the OS or anything like the old PS4 upgrade. You can also configure your system to automatically install games to this drive instead of the built-in one. (I recommend doing that). You will also get the option to move games from the internal over to this one. Overall the performance is not noticeably different than the internal (which is a great thing). I'm very happy with it. As an alternative (if you're brave) to purchasing the overpriced heatsink version, you might be able to get away with the non-heatsink version and then attaching your own instead. I noticed there are some reasonably priced third party heat sinks available. The risk of course would be: will it fit and will it be as effective as OEM? Good luck!

I bought this SSD for my gaming laptop in late October.I have been using it for just over a month.In that time, the SSD not only gets magma hot, but it also freezes, crashes, and locks up all the time.The thermal throttling is very real.I had to based my purchase decision on whether this SSD would fit inside of my gaming laptop with or without the factory heatsink.Most of the people here doing the reviews and answering the questions have no idea what they're talking about, so they all said it wouldn't fit.Turns out it will fit. I measured it myself.So based on that misinformation I ordered the SSD without a heatsink.You can guess what happened next.All kind of thermal throttling, crashing, and poor performance.I had to install aftermarket cooling solutions and they barely helped.Amazon customer service refused to replace or return the item and the left me high and dry. I am done with this company.Wester Digital also doesn't care.This is the last time I am buying anything from either of these companies.Avoid this SSD at all costs.Buy Samsung instead.If you buy an SSD, it's absolutely imperative that it has a heatsink.

I use mine for my PS5. I am extremely happy how easy it is to install. I still had to watch a video on YouTube. Just to ensure I didn't screw anything up. Turns out to be easier than I expected to install. For PS5 it's faster than the internal SSD. I highly recommend getting it with heatsink though. Whether 3rd party or the one it can come with. Overall happy.

Curtis Low

Added this to my setup. Twice as fast as the SN750. But Windows makes things very difficult with set up. Damn near impossible to clone and make the boot drive.I had to format to GPT. Clean. And reinstall Windows. Windows wouldn’t install with both m.2 installed on the MB. I had to uninstall my SN750. Install Windows to the SN850 then reinstall everything I had.I own cloning software. Wouldn’t boot. Changed settings in BIOS. Wouldn’t work. Had to clean and start from scratch. Make sure you back up all your files beforehand and have Windows on a USB to reinstall just in case.But once it was all said and done. Instant on. Instant Load. Now the last thing to get is a 1080 or better.


I never give negative reviews but unfortunately I was one of the few who had not one but two of these drives go badly. I ordered the first one, anxiously waited for its arrival. I went to the PlayStation website to verify the installation of the product watch it multiple times before and during the install just to make sure I did it right. The first SSD wouldn’t even allow my system to boot up. I got with Amazon tech support and a guy that referred to himself as my Superman was no help in fact he basically just assumed that I installed it incorrectly and sent me to the manufacturer’s website. So I said screw it’s and ordered a replacement. A couple of days go by and I get the replacement. I open it, install it and it immediately boots up not a single issue at all. 5 days pass by and my system has an issue booting and has to rebuild databases and stuff like that and goes back to working as designed. Two days later my system behaves just like it did when I got the First SSD. Going to have to return it and go with another brand which is unfortunate because I’ve used WD in the past and never had an issue but two in a row what are the odds…


Testing shows it's floating right around its rated specs of 7000MB/5100MB for the 2TB version. Very fast and snappy but like most reviews state: it can run hot. This is an excellent drive for a gaming PC or PS5 - likely even overkill - but only if properly cooled. Probably not ideal for a laptop.Pro tip: Turn on 'Game Mode' in the WD Dashboard software if you install this in a desktop PC and have a heatsink for it. This will disable built-in power saving features and unleash the beast.CrystalDiskMark 8.0.4 (NVMe SSD mode/default profile) shows it performing very well, nothing else you could ask for! This was installed in the CPU m.2 slot. Temps reached 61c in a 23c ambient room after several benchmark runs with Game Mode on and a third party heatsink installed - quite acceptable for a notoriously hot drive being stressed. Without a heatsink, expect 90+ Celsius on the controller and thermal throttling under heavy load - you've been warned! 🙂PC/test specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 12700k @ 5.0ghz all-core Mobo: ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus WiFi D4 RAM: 32GB (16GBx2) Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3200mhz CL16 @ 3500mhz CL16, gear 1 GPU: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 10GB (non-LHR) w/Hybrid CLC kit Drives: WD Black SN850 2TB Gen 4 NVMe SSD (CPU m.2), Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB Gen 3 NVMe SSD [pre-nerf] (PCH m.2), Samsung 860 Evo 1TB (SATA)

Shawn A

Quick and easy install. Fits well in the PS5 and adds much needed storage. Not sure how I feel about price but it is what it is I guess. It's needed unless you want to keep uninstalling games to make room for patch update files (annoying). Powered on the PS5, formatted and selected the new drive to store games... Done. Just need a Phillips screwdriver to install.

First off, if you can run a PCIE4 M.2 you should be using a mother board with its own heat sinks, save yourself $90 USD and get the one without it. If you are using this in a PCIE3 slot, get the Gen 3.For gaming this SSD will not meet anywhere near its 7000mbs transfer rate, at 108.2 °C, Throttle time. This SSD is going to suffer reliability areas far more than other sticks due to Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling, for Erase and Program the Voltage is outright destructive. Read disturbances seem to be the most prevalent with this particular stick.I Purchased two sticks to run the same rounds one from amazon one from New Egg both shared the same results with negligible differences. I was able to Remove the NAND Using Micro Soldering system it was easily removed at 180 °C, meaning it's gaming temperature of 108-125°C is not helping anything.NAND storage has been around for eh, 26 years or so in the world of pc storage, and we have known since then that NAND will only become more unreliable as time goes on and storage increases.If you have the money to spend on a drive like this DO NOT DO IT, down go for something a bit cheaper, more reliable. MRam should be hitting soon, if you can afford this you will be all over MRam when it comes about.

I am using this drive on an X570 Gen4 board and seeing the advertised speeds and reliability.Western Digital provides downloadable software similar to Samsun Magician that can update the firmware. Purchased in December '21, a firmware update was available.The drive is fast and really speedy! I moved all of my games to a second drive, including my full Steam Library and games as well, and saw a noticeable uptick in performance.I won't include benchmarks because there are loads of them in other reviews. I also won't talk about access times or startup times, because realistically speaking if you're not looking at a direct side by side comparison, the results are negligible. Adding a second drive is a smart way to offload some storage off your OS boot drive, which in and of itself is a great improvement over a cluttered drive.To get the higher speeds, you do need to purchase the higher capacity drives. At the time of this writing, this is one of the fastest drives available to date, and I would absolutely purchase another one. Or three.

No endurance whatsoever. I'm an avid gamer, on my work days I spend about 4 hours gaming, and when I'm off it can be anywhere between 6-20ish hours gaming. That means downloading and deleting a lot of big files. It's nothing crazy, just a couple of like 30-100gb games.Long story short, I purchased this drive On 1/13/22 and it's now 2/15/22 and the drive's dying. I have to reset my PC about 2-3 times just for my computer to recognize it's there. When it finally does..."read/write error." I bought this drive because of the 7000mb/s read speed and the branding looked cool. I'll be switching to a different brand, maybe sabrent or samsung.Beware if you buy this drive. It'll just die on you.


Super easy to install. I did a clean install of Windows to this for my primary boot drive. It hovers around a fairly constant 30C. No benchmark tests, but I am pleased to say that my real world experience with this has been very positive, with fast transfer (read/write) speeds and quick, snappy responses. While I don't think there's really any real world significant difference between this and a PCIe Gen3 drive for my purposes, I would still recommend this to anyone looking for an NVMe m.2 drive.


Received an obvious counterfeit/fake sn850. Look at the pin connecter in the image, it is not the correct format, it's SATA not NVME. I also don't think Western Digital uses Samsung chips.Also just to triple confirm, my PS5 said it wasn't supported type or speed. My PC wouldn't recognize it as a drive when I put it in external NVME enclosure.So clearly is not the real thing. At least the return process was easy.


I bought this but had to return it after numerous tests found it to be defective. Upon returning it I was refunded by Amazon appropriately as, obviously, they also confirmed it was defective and matched my detailed write up concerning its results.It produced excessive thermals even with minimal usage and didn't even reach 20% of the listed performance values for read, and not much better for write. I actually attempted to order directly from Western Digital after just to see if they would have better luck in the event the vendor I bought it from on Amazon was selling bad product just because of horror stories about NVME's quality being historically inconsistent. This was a terrible idea and without going into a rant I never received the product and after some back and forth and providing evidence of Western Digital agents lying and WD, literally, stealing my money with no intent to provide a product after 3 months of it pending to ship (paid for 2 day shipping...) I ended up going with a PNY NVME that was cheaper at the time with superior stats (PNY XLR8 CS3140 2TB M.2 NVMe Gen4).Be warned reviews also show inconsistent performance with this drive, but if you are lucky and get a good one it is apparently quite decent, if not over priced and underperforming compared to competition now days.

Tim Goebel

I debated on spending the money on this SSD for my PS5. I am so glad I did. I purchased the 1tb version with heatsink at $189. Easy install (2 minutes). Formatted very quickly (seconds). Games install/migrate to it very quickly. Now I can keep MANY more games on my PS5 instead of reinstalling ones I only play once in a while. Highly recommended for anyone on the fence.


Most NVMe ssd's are easy to install and use. Samsung ssd's need you to install the Samsung version of the storage controller driver, this WD one does not. However, when I replaced my existing Samsung 500GB ssd I had to change the storage controller to the Windows "Standard NVM Express Controller" before Acronis True Image would allow me to clone it to the WD one. Afterwards, I swapped out the drives and rebooted the computer and the WD reads (7,052) and writes (5,126) at the expected PCIe 4.0 speed immediately... no special drivers or firmware updates needed. And the the built-in heatsink runs it at a very comfortable 44°C (111°F). Easier to install than the Samsung drives. Word of caution, if you have trouble cloning another drive to it have windows Disk Management initialize the drive first.

To mamá

Very easy to install, that might be more on the ps5 but figured it's useful. Capacity and load times are great. Works great with PS5

I just performed my second install attempt with one of these drives. The first one I tried would only format up to 13%, then the PS5 would freeze and I'd get a message to close the application. I tried booting in Safe Mode and uninstalling/reinstalling a few times but no bueno. Did a quick return via Amazon which is pretty much painless, now - you just dropped it off at a local UPS store and they scanned a code on my phone and took it from there. Amazon actually shipped the second one on the same day I submitted the old one for a return - a two day turnaround to get the replacement. Just installed the new one and it all went very smoothly. NOTE: make sure you put the little spacer UNDER the SSD - the install order is system board on the bottom, then the spacer, SSD (on top of the spacer) and then the screw. Took <1 minute to format and reported a Read speed of +6700 mb/sec. Moved my 5 games from the system drive to the new ssd in about 5 minutes. As long as you don't get a bad one, I'd recommend this drive for your PS5 storage expansion - just make sure you've installed the latest PS software on your system first.

After installing this in my PS5, the PS5 was unable to format it. The screen went to black and the PS5 shut off. Upon reboot, the behavior repeated over and over. I removed the drive and my PS5 behaved normally again. I'm going to conclude the drive is not formatted in a way the PS5 can read it to reformat it. I would avoid this drive and will be returning it.

R. Hawkins

I bought this on sale with an after market heatsink MHQJRH M.2 2280 SSD heatsink, Double-Sided Heat Sink, with Thermal Silicone pad to install in a PS5. It installed perfectly in the console. YouTube helped in the installation but it was super easy. Once I rebooted the PS5, it formatted the new drive and I was good to go. I think at retail this is too expensive but I caught it on sale at another online retailer. I had been watching some of the other brands that were known to be less reliable but jumped on this when it was discounted. I copied over several of the games on the console's main SSD to this one and everything went smoothly. I haven't seen any performance hits when playing those games off the WD drive.

I bought it for my PS5 because I got tired of deleting and reinstalling games and I’m pretty happy thus far. Honestly the hardest thing was getting the cover off the console. Then it’s just taking one screw out, taking the cover off, take one more screw and a washer out, popping it in, then putting that stuff back on. Quite a bit easier than I was expecting. Once you turn on the PlayStation, it’ll ask if you want to format it, which took about 30 seconds, and you’re good to go move around games and downloading new ones. (Under storage settings you can select it as the default storage to download to so you don’t have to continually move games every time you want to download something new)


I paired this SSD with the HQJRH M.2 2280 SSD heatsink, and it fit perfectly in the storage slot of my PS5. I also received a read speed of: 6547.205 mb/s which is great. Considering the 1TB internal storage, my 2TB external WD SSD storage which I use for PS4 games, and this new SSD, I now have 5TB of game space. I don’t expect I’ll be running out of game storage any time soon. If your budget allows it, I would get this drive asap. After all, we have no idea how long it will remain at this $270.00 price tag.

Came in perfect condition, haven't been able to run it yet since I'm picking up ram soon. Im building a Nuc9i7QNX for a MC server. I needed to remove the built in heat-sink bar (only 2 screws) on the Nuc, it barely fits but considering just removing the bars, which would mean sawing through the plastic ig. I use a WD Black ssd in my main pc and it's worked great for a 2 years so far. Definitely recommend getting one if you're able.


Like most people who play games, whether it be from PC or console, are a true gamer knows the importance I've read and write speeds. After much research on various websites and YouTube content I settled on this item. For me and had the best speeds for gaming. I actually bought two of these. One for my gaming PC and the other for my PlayStation 5. Both of which have not let me down one bit. I would recommend got you get a heat sink. More power means more heat. I could not change any settings on my PlayStation 5. I basically had to let it do what it does. However, on my PC there is an option 4 gaming mode. This increases the read write speeds from its typical 3500 read write up to 7000. I have to be a wizard to know that this dramatically shorten's your load up time. I'm sure some of you can remember all of those first generation consoles and gaming PCs. This is a definite upgrade for anybody wanting to add to their gaming Arsenal. I would highly suggest to do your own research and take out a few YouTube videos on this particular product. Don't forget the heat sink.


M.2 Drive came with nothing but inside a anti static bag labels with the S/N on it and nothing on the drive itself to distinguish it’s a WD_Black at all. . Not to mention the serial is invalid on WD’s website. . Wasted 2 weeks waiting just to return and refund.


Installation was very simple. Probably a 10 minute job. I opted for the Sabrent heat sink versus the WD version. It’s less expensive that the WD heat sink and I feel is a better solution. Speed is great from this 2T SSD. Highly recommend both products!

Using this in a PS5 and it works great and was simple to install. Added a heatsink on my own and during formatting the speeds were showing at 6600 so yeah it is pretty fast. NO issues so far and install is easy just watch a few videos and go slow, no need to rush this is a simple task so don't go breaking any motherboards.


Perfect for PS5 (add a Heatsink or get the one that already has it).Ordered it, then had to order a Heatsink. But it's drop-dead simple to install. (Google it and watch a youtube video).Best thing I've added to our PS5 since we got it on launch. No more game shuffling to external disks. Basically unlimited game storage now. Love the speed and ability to simply launch PS5 games from it.

This drive is lightning fast just like the PS5's own internal drive. It was much easier to install than I thought. I have clumsy hands and even I was able to do it.It already comes with the heatsink, so you're in the clear there. Plus it's Western Digital, so you have the peace of mind that you're buying a quality product. I'm extremely happy with my purchase!

Handy Man

Very fast SSD as the benchmark shows on the picture. I was able to keep it cool with JEYI FinsCold iGlacier8 M.2 Heavy Duty Aluminum Convective Heat Sink and Nab Cooling Thermal Pad 15 (W/mK Heat Resistance, size 90mmx50mm). The additional cost of HSF and thermal pad of $30 will prevent SSD from throttling and will keep SSD at peak performance and hopefully extend longevity.

I have a PS5 and wanted to add additional storage to my console. After reviewing many articles and publications I decided to go for this one and especially because the price was good for 1 TB option. I installed it, which was not that complicated but it has a special way to do it, and so far has been working great as expected.

7GB read? 5GB write? No... no, no, no! More like 3GB.I updated the firmware, and tried all types of profiles in crystal disk (default, peak performance, etc...). Maximum 3GB/s for both read or write. I deeply regret my purchase. Unfortunately, since I live in Switzerland, I cannot return it. Well, two lessons learned: - No more WD for me. - Buy locally, even if it's more expensive, at least I could return a piece of garbage like this. Now I just wasted ~320$.


Excellent choice for C drive and gaming. Installation in my Acer motherboard was a pain. Had to take out all the other drives first, then buy the tiny screw needed to hold it in place, and then spend too long trying to install the tiny screw in very cramped quarters. Disappointed that the screw wasn't included...either with the motherboard or the SSD.

John W

I used this in a lenovo legion 5 with a ryzen 5800h processor laptop. I know its a pcie gen 4 and this laptop only has pcie3 but benchmarks are pretty much at max with this drive vs a pcie gen 3 drive. I used an tired and older wd sn750 drive and the speeds were not as fast. Its only a minor difference but I got this drive at a great price and it works well.

Ardy Baugh

Bought it to expand for the ps5 when the m.2 update went live and couldn't be happier. All I had to do was plop it in, put the heat sync on, turn on the PS5 and it did the rest.Haven't had any noticeable difference in performance compared to the internal PS5 drive. Been seamless all around.

Panda Bear

The SN850 works as advertised. No complaints on my end.Just a quick note. When I first ran the FF14 EW benchmark after installing the NVME, it resulted in a bit slower load time. Around 10.2 seconds. I thought there was no way its slower than the SN750. So, I optimized the NVME through the Windows defrag/optimize drives app. Finally got the number you see in my screenshot. Not that big of a difference though from the SN750.This is on a 5600x, with 32gb 3200 ram, and B550-F gaming motherboard. Gaming mode on through WD dashboard.Update: Decided to rerun the benchmark before I went into the FF14 queue. Not sure how but I've gotten an even faster load time in the new screenshot.

Ty Nan Og

Easy to install under the heatsink. Make sure you place it in the m.2 slot that connects to the cpu not the chipset if it is your boot drive. I have the sn750 in a chipset slot for low powered games and basic storage. The cpu slot will typically be closer to your cpu and usually labelled 1. Don't get the version with a built in heatsink if your mobo has one already and save yourself some money.With this I hardly have loading screens and civ 6 is so fast.

  • Next-gen PCIe Gen4 technology optimized for top-tier gaming (not intended for NAS or server environments)
  • Irrationally fast read/write speeds up to 7000/5300MB/s (1TB model) and up to 1,000,000 IOPS (1TB and 2TB models)
  • Up to 2TB capacity to hold your favorite battle-ready games
  • Downloadable WD_BLACK Dashboard software to customize and control your gaming experience (Windows Only)
  • Sleek Heatsink model minimizes thermal throttling to push the boundaries of performance for top-tier gaming
  • Now Compatible with PlayStation 5 consoles (PS5 system software version 21.02-04.00.00 or higher required.)

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7 Reasons to buy the Beelink GK55

  • 【High-Class & Fast Processor】Beelink GK55 Mini PC is pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro & Windows 11 Pro and you can also choose to install the ubuntu system. Equips with Intel Celeron Processor J4125 (4C/4T, 4M Cache, 2.0GHz up to 2.7GHz). GK55 is an alternative to Beelink X45 & X55, which perfectly combines the advantages of the two. Powerful hardware makes it run more stable.
  • 【Dual Display & Wireless Supports】Dual HDMI Ports Supports 4K easily connecting two monitors, Which can simplify and double your work efficiency. 802.11ac Dual Band 2.4 & 5.8GHz Wi-Fi improves wireless network performance and maintains a stable and reliable WiFi speed.
  • 【Larger Storage Expansion】Beelink GK55 Mini PC designed with 8GB DDR4L/256GB SSD, you can expand the storage with M.2 NGFF 2280 SSD & 2.5” SATA HDD, more storage space which will make the device run more smoothly.
  • 【HD Graphics & Dual HDMI】The mini desktop computer supports 4K HD ultra-high-definition content, giving you a Best-In-Class Television Experience with True-To-Life Picture Quality, which can be used as a Media Center to enjoy Tv Shows or Gaming.Dual HDM can connect two monitors at the same time, which increases work efficiency effectively.
  • 【Operating System & Beelink SERVICE】Mini PC Beelink GK55 is pre-installed with Windows 10 Pro & Windows 11 Pro, both systems are shipped randomly, if you receive Windows 10 Pro, you can contact us to upgrade Windows 11 Pro, We also provide lifetime technical support, 7 days / 24 hours service. All our products have obtained FCC, CE, ROSH certification.At the same time,if you need to Auto Power On, you need to send us the barcode at the bottom of the machine first, and we will send you the corresponding tutorial file.

The Beelink GK55 is a mini PC that can easily be carried around. 7 reasons to buy it:

1. It’s small and thin, so it can be easily carried around.

2. You can listen to music or watch movies on it with the speaker or earphones.

3. It’s not just for watching movies,

4. You can connect it to an external monitor with the HDMI port.

5. You can connect it to a USB stick with the USB ports.

6. It has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage.

7. It has a fan but it’s silent

Great Picture. Incredible value

  • See all your content in one place – Fire TV brings live, over-the-air TV, streaming channels, and your favorite apps together onto one convenient home screen. Subscriptions may be required. Content availability subject to change.
  • Regza Engine 4K is Toshiba’s high performance 4K engine for stunning picture quality, with ultra essential PQ technology combined with high quality LCD panel, you can get an incredible ultra HD 4K images with breath-taking picture quality.
  • 4 times resolution of Full HD, four times the detail. With Toshiba 4K TV, you can enjoy uncompromisingly crisp, clear visuals for a fully immersive, professional theater quality.
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 transforms your TV into an entertainment powerhouse. The image technology from cinemas, now brought together in the home, provide amazing realism that you’ll see, hear, and feel like never before.
  • DTS Virtual: X technology is a scalable and versatile advanced post processing package that creates an immersive audio experience by virtualizing height content over traditional stereos

Enjoy a 4K HDR experience at home

  • 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1: See premium 4K pictures, rich with real-world detail and texture. Upscale everything you watch to near-4K with 4K X-Reality PRO
  • TRILUMINOS Display: See exactly what the creator intended with advanced color and gradation. HDCP2.3(for HDMI 1/2/3/4)
  • GAME MODE: Take your PlayStation experience to the next level with a Sony 4K gaming TV featuring dedicated Game Mode for a smoother, more responsive gaming experience
  • SMART ANDROID TV with GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Use your voice to control your TV and smart home devices, easily search for movies and shows, get answers, and manage tasks
  • WORKS WITH ALEXA: Through an Alexa enabled device, ask Alexa to change channels, adjust volume, and turn your TV on/off.
  • APPLE AIRPLAY 2 and HOMEKIT SUPPORT: Seamlessly integrate your iPhone and Siri devices with your Sony TV for effortless smart home management and content streaming
  • HDR and DOLBY VISION: Bring scenes to life with striking highlights, deeper darks and vibrant colors
  • MOTIONFLOW XR: Less blur, even in fast scenes. Content appears with lifelike motion

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